Eastwood Brewing Company, Syracuse, NY

**Note – The brewery changed names and is now known as the Eastwood Brewing Company. This change has been reflected in the web links but the article remains the same until I get out there for a return visit!

Syracuse, NY was once known as the brewing capital of upstate New York. After prohibition killed off most local breweries, it took many years before brewing was brought back to the city. Today, Syracuse plays host to a small handful of breweries with even more on the way. The latest brewery, Double Barrel Brewing Company, is our stop for today. Will this brewery be a slam-dunk, earning its place in Syracuse’s proud brewing heritage? Continue reading


Bandwagon Brewery, Ithaca, NY

Ithaca, New York, located at the southern tip of Cayuga Lake, is a community of diverse individuals. It is home to many eclectic restaurants and shops, and bursts with individuality. The city takes pride in itself by supporting small businesses and locally produced products. Situated in the heart of downtown is the Bandwagon Brewpub, home of the Bandwagon Brewery, makers of fine hand-crafted beers. Continue reading