Arundel Cellars and Brewing Co., North East, PA

Driving back to the hotel for the evening, we saw signs for the newly opened Arundel Cellars and Brewing Company. Curious, we turned around and visited the winery which was still in its soft opening phase. Continue reading

Update to Lake Placid Brewing Company Post!

Interested in learning more about Lake Placid Craft Brewing Company in Lake Placid, NY? I updated the post to reflect what we experienced on our latest trip there. You can jump to the new section here:

Lake Placid Craft Brewing Company Update


Heritage Wine Cellars, North East, PA

While visiting different wineries, I have discovered that many tend to specialize in a particular style. Heritage Wine Cellars in North East, Pennsylvania caters toward the crafting of sweeter wines. During our visit we wanted to explore the full range of offerings, and were curious to try dry varietals that might be available to enjoy as well. Continue reading