Great South Bay Brewery, Bay Shore, NY

Few breweries find themselves needing to upgrade their facilities within the first few years of opening. Great South Bay Brewery in Bay Shore, NY is one such brewery that has seen rapid growth, requiring a major expansion to their operation. Previously, I had an opportunity to visit the original location. Stepping foot into the new tasting room I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. Visitors are presented with an even more diverse selection of beer while in a tasting room worth spending time in. Continue reading


Newburgh Brewing Company, Newburgh, NY

Travel around the Hudson Valley region of New York, and you’ll experience an area rich in history and natural beauty. Newburgh, NY, situated on the Hudson river midway between New York City and Albany, played an important role in American history. During the revolutionary war, George Washington’s army was headquartered here and critical decisions about the future of our country were made. I’m sure many of these contributions were crafted over a pint of ale, as beer has been brewed in the region since the 1700’s. Newburgh Brewing Company is proud to keep that tradition alive today and makes for an excellent beer destination. Continue reading

Cortland Beer Company, Cortland, NY

The town of Cortland, New York is located approximately halfway between Binghamton and Syracuse along the I-81 corridor. Situated on the eastern edge of the Finger Lakes region, the area seems to be the perfect place to start a new brewery. On a rainy afternoon in late May, Tim and I visited the town to check out the Cortland Beer Company. Continue reading