The Alchemist, Stowe, VT

In my local beer community, there are quite a few aficionados who make pilgrimages to some of the more sought after breweries in order to bring home beers with limited distribution areas. The Alchemist, in Stowe, Vermont is one such special brewery. While vacationing in nearby Montpelier, we definitely had to stop in to see what kind of brewery they were running, as well as bring home some of their famous beverages. Continue reading

Stone Corral Brewery, Richmond, VT

Recently we visited family in Vermont, and took the opportunity to check out some of the breweries along the way. Our surprise stop of the day was Stone Corral Brewery in Richmond, VT. Luckily, we had enough time to sit down and talk to the folks behind the bar while enjoying a fantastic selection of unique and diverse beers. Continue reading

The FarmHouse Brewery, Owego, NY

I’ve said this before, and will probably say it again, but the annual craft beer fest, TAP NY, is a great way to discover breweries across New York State that are producing unique and delicious beverages. One brewery that stands out to me year after year is The FarmHouse Brewery, located in Owego, NY. I finally had time to visit them and spent an afternoon trying their incredibly diverse lineup of beers. Continue reading

Endless Brewing, Montrose, PA

Finding smaller breweries off the beaten path is one of the driving forces behind the Liquid Alchemy blog. While looking for new places to visit, we discovered Endless Brewing in Montrose, PA, just thirty minutes south of Binghamton, NY. After a short drive through a picturesque area of Pennsylvania, we soon arrived at the brewery, ready to taste and learn about the many beers that Endless Brewing produces. Continue reading

Bluestone Brewing Company, South Waverly, PA

While on a recent trip to the Southern Tier region of New York, we made a small hop over the state line to check out one of the area’s newest breweries, Bluestone Brewing Company. Having been open for almost a year at the time of our visit, we wanted to see what kind of interesting concoctions Bluestone was brewing for its customers. Continue reading