Endless Brewing, Montrose, PA

Finding smaller breweries off the beaten path is one of the driving forces behind the Liquid Alchemy blog. While looking for new places to visit, we discovered Endless Brewing in Montrose, PA, just thirty minutes south of Binghamton, NY. After a short drive through a picturesque area of Pennsylvania, we soon arrived at the brewery, ready to taste and learn about the many beers that Endless Brewing produces. Continue reading


Bluestone Brewing Company, South Waverly, PA

While on a recent trip to the Southern Tier region of New York, we made a small hop over the state line to check out one of the area’s newest breweries, Bluestone Brewing Company. Having been open for almost a year at the time of our visit, we wanted to see what kind of interesting concoctions Bluestone was brewing for its customers. Continue reading

Barley Creek Brewing Company, Tannersville, PA

The Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania are a well-known outdoor recreation area for travelers all over the northeastern United States. Barley Creek Brewing Company, which opened in 1995, hopes to be your destination for craft beer and food after a day spent on the slopes, or hiking through the wilderness. While driving through the region, we had the opportunity to stop in and discover what they had to offer. Continue reading

The Blue Canoe Brewery, Titusville, PA

With our long weekend of visiting new and interesting locations to write about for Liquid Alchemy coming to a close, we decided to make one more stop at a location that certainly seems off the beaten path. The Blue Canoe Brewery in Titusville, Pennsylvania may not have been on our direct route home, but it was certainly worth visiting for their unique approach to many different styles of beer. Continue reading

Heritage Wine Cellars, North East, PA

While visiting different wineries, I have discovered that many tend to specialize in a particular style. Heritage Wine Cellars in North East, Pennsylvania caters toward the crafting of sweeter wines. During our visit we wanted to explore the full range of offerings, and were curious to try dry varietals that might be available to enjoy as well. Continue reading

The Brewerie at Union Station, Erie, PA


This past January, Tim and I planned a long weekend down and around northeast Pennsylvania to visit some new breweries, wineries, distilleries, and a few museums. Undeterred by the unseasonably cold weather, we made it down to Erie, Pennsylvania early enough to grab dinner and check out our first brewery, The Brewerie at Union Station. Read on to learn about this brewery that prides itself on being a hub of beer activity for the local community. Continue reading