von Trapp Brewing, Stowe, VT

The hills of Stowe, Vermont are alive with the spirit of craft beer. You may have heard of the von Trapp family singers, but might not know that when the family moved to America, they opened up the Trapp Family Lodge. Decades later, one of the von Trapp children, Johannes, started a brewery at the Lodge which distributes beer throughout the northeast. Intrigued, we visited von Trapp Brewing to see how the family brought a little bit of Austria to the countryside of Vermont. Continue reading


The Alchemist, Stowe, VT

In my local beer community, there are quite a few aficionados who make pilgrimages to some of the more sought after breweries in order to bring home beers with limited distribution areas. The Alchemist, in Stowe, Vermont is one such special brewery. While vacationing in nearby Montpelier, we definitely had to stop in to see what kind of brewery they were running, as well as bring home some of their famous beverages. Continue reading